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Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve never LARPed before. What do I need to bring to an event?

Check out our handy-dandy LARP Packing Checklist.

What kind of character should I play?

That’s entirely up to you! We recommend not worrying too much about which classes existing players’ characters are - there are no requirements about adventuring party make-up in our games. If you are stuck on character creation, think about what kind of character you would have fun playing: do you want to play someone like yourself, or unlike yourself? What things are you naturally good at that you could translate into gameplay? Do you want to use your character to try something new? Next, consider what kind of character other players would enjoy interacting with. Some folks come in and want to play an edgy loner character, but be aware that being a loner will not give other players much motivation to interact with your character. Likewise, if your character has no redeeming qualities other players might avoid them. If you still feel like you would like more direction regarding character creation, please do not hesitate to reach out to one of our GMs for the game you are interested in playing. We are always happy to help!


Do I need to memorize the rules before I come to a game?

Nope! No one has all of the rules memorized, including most of the GMs. We still need to double-check and clarify rules on a regular basis. Familiarize yourself with the safety information, Community Guidelines, and any skills your character will be using before you come to a game, but please do not feel like you cannot play unless you have everything memorized. Our player community and GMs are always happy to answer any rules questions before, during, or after games, and to clarify relevant rules as we all engage in gameplay.


Do I need to bring a LARP weapon for in-game combat?

Not necessarily. You are more than welcome to bring a LARP or NERF weapon/blaster that is within the guidelines outlined in the rulebook for the game you are planning on attending. However, please be aware that all weapons will be safety-checked by GMs at game check-in to ensure all items are safe to use for in-game combat scenarios. If your play weapon does not pass our safety-check, we always have weapons to borrow for gameplay, especially if it is your first event. Please note that real weapons, including genuine swords, firearms, and ammo, are not allowed onsite. If you feel like combat isn't for you, most of our games have non-combatant player character options. 


How elaborate of a costume do I need?

In the LARP hobby, our costumes are called “kits” and refer to both clothing items, accessories, and props. Your first kit can be very simple, including a plain, non-logoed shirt, pants, and comfortable shoes. You should attempt to match your kit to the genre of the game you are playing; for example, jeans would be fine to wear to our Firefly-inspired LARP, but not to our high-fantasy LARP. Our Dandelion Factory LARP does not have any kit requirements. Kits tend to grow over time as you play your character, so don’t feel self-conscious if your kit starts out very simple. Each of the rulebooks have suggestions for building a kit, but if you have more specific questions, feel free to engage our community through any of the social media channels or reach out to one of our GMs. 


What are Community Guidelines?

Our Community Guidelines outline the rights and responsibilities of all players who participate in Lost & Found Studios events. It is essentially a code of conduct that all players agree to follow in order to keep our events and community safe, accessible, and healthy. The Community Guidelines apply to all Lost & Found Studios spaces, including, but not limited to, in-person events, online events, social media pages and forums, and community-affiliated casual gatherings hosted by GMs or players. Breaking these Community Guidelines can result in disciplinary actions taken against players by game-runners, including a written warning, temporary suspension from games, or a permanent ban from all Lost & Found Studios events. To learn more about our Community Guidelines and to read them in full, you can click here.


Why do you care what your players do outside of LARP?

Our Community Guidelines sometimes include conduct that occurs outside of games, but may affect players in other affiliated spaces. For example, if a player has legal action taken against them for theft or a violent crime that occurred outside of an event, Lost & Found Studios has a right to refuse entry to our gaming spaces if that player is determined to be a potential threat to other players’ safety. We believe that roleplaying hobby spaces require strict safety measures to be in place in order to minimize the risk to players’ mental, emotional, and physical safety. This requires game-runners to seriously assess safety risks and take necessary measures to address those risks, which can include internal disciplinary measures or refusal of service for players who are determined to be threats to player safety. To learn more about our Community Guidelines and to read them in full, you can click here.


Do I need to RSVP for your LARP events?

Yes! For Solarean Adventures, you may RSVP on our website or on Facebook. Knowing how many players to expect will allow us to ensure we have enough planned and enough NPC volunteers to offer a game that is fun and exciting for everyone. For Life on Regina, you must RSVP via our Events page to be assigned a Faction. RSVPs for Life on Regina close two weeks prior to the game date. Dandelion Factory sessions have limited slots, so RSVP is required for these as well.  


What time should I arrive for the LARP event?

  • If it is your first event: 1 hour before game start time

  • If you are camping: at least 1 hour before game start time

  • If it is NOT your first event and you are NOT camping: at least 30 minutes before game start time.

  • If you are attending an online event: at least 5 minutes before session start time


How much do your events cost?

It depends on the event. We occasionally have free events or donation-based/pay-what-you-can events. Life on Regina and Solarean Adventures Events both cost $20 per full game-day with a $5 Camping fee to stay overnight at multi-day events. Some special events, such as the Solarean Adventures Winter Ball, may have variable cost depending on venue. If you feel that you are unable to pay your event fee, please contact us and we can add you to our Play It Forward program to get your game fee covered by our generous donors. You may also contact us if you would like to apply to become a Play It Forward donor to help us keep our games accessible for everyone.


What payment methods do you take?

We take both cash and electronic payments via Venmo, PayPal, and CashApp. We do not use other forms of payment and we apologize for any inconvenience. 


Are food and drinks provided?

No. All players are required to bring their own food and drink. We do not have a kitchen onsite, but there are usually cooking-campfires and there is a microwave available. There is also a water-spout available onsite, but the water is not guaranteed to be potable, so we recommend bringing water as well. Alcohol is allowed onsite, but may not be consumed before sundown or by anyone under the legal drinking age of 21.

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