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Solarean Adventures Campaign LARP

What is "Solarean Adventures"?

Solarean Adventures is an 18+ high fantasy LARP located in the Greater St. Louis Area. It is campaign-style, with monthly events that impact the storyline of each of the following games. Most of these storylines focus on the small adventuring town of Evermire, located in Solarea. This LARP strives for medium-to-high immersion, and includes both combat and non-combat character options. Game Managers (GMs) write and provide overarching, season-long plotlines, while the vast majority of other conflict and story is player-driven. This LARP contains both Player-versus-Player and cooperative gaming experiences. You can learn more about the Solarean Adventures community by joining our Facebook group here!

Rulebook and Character Sheets

The Solarean Adventures Rulebook outlines the basics of LARPing, general gameplay mechanics, and how to create a character.  Once you pick a class for your character, you can download and fill out the appropriate character sheet here. Characters can be revised even after you've attended your first event. If you need help creating a character, feel free to contact us or seek advice from our community on Facebook or Discord.


The story of the Solarean Adventures takes place within a fantasy world full of humans, elves, dwarves, and more, living alongside strange creatures and magic. The adventures most often take place in a small adventuring town called Evermire. The town is rumored to have been built upon an ancient city of death-worshippers, which has had some strange effects on those who live there. To learn more about the world of Solarean Adventures, including geography, current and historical events, religion, and other lore aspects you may encounter in gameplay, click here.

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