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Solarean Adventures LARP Lore

Solarean Adventures LARP is designed to be highly player-driven.


The goal of Solarean Adventures’ lore is to provide a skeleton of the current events, local geography, and religions which shape the fantasy world within which our games take place.  While oppressive elements do exist in the world’s history, the core lore is designed to present a current world which is free of fantasy tropes like the enslavement of particular races under others, genocide, or opression based on race, gender, sexuality, and the like. 


The lore has been painstakingly designed to enable player creativity, and allows both new and veteran players to tell their own stories and create their own experience. The Godfall Seams (the leylines of this world) and their effects on different areas of the world are purposefully left mysterious and unpredictable, and enable you to create races, cultures, and countries as varied as your imagination. While local geography is well defined to allow for immersive gameplay and plotlines, the rest of the world is waiting for players to fill it in, allowing for playable characters (PCs) as unique as the people who create them. Use this lore as a guidebook, but know that you are in charge of creating and becoming the hero of your own story.


In a similar vein, while this lore establishes the world’s two most widespread religions, and the pantheon which currently hold the most power, the ways in which people of our world worship are as varied as their local cultures and customs. As you read, you will discover systems in place to create your own local gods, ancestor spirits, and other spiritual forces, meant to allow the world to seamlessly bend to accommodate the background story you want to weave.


If you would like to submit an official backstory for your PC, you may contact the GMs here.

If you have any questions about lore specifics, or would like help integrating your character’s background further into the world, you may send an email to


A map of the Known World for Solarean Adventures LARP. Designed by Paige Allison, Fenix Carter, and Tom Davis.

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