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One-Shot LARPs

One-shot LARPs - as opposed to campaign LARPS, which have overarching storylines that carry over from session to session - are live-action games that are meant to be played through in one session of gameplay. This session may last a couple hours or a couple of days, but the story that the characters experience together begins and ends within one gaming session.

Lost & Found Studios, LLC currently offers two one-shot LARP experiences, one virtual and one hybrid (a combination of virtual and live): The Dandelion Factory, a contemporary LARP about fairy workers who grant wishes through a factory, and Life on Regina, a futuristic space-western LARP inspired by the 2001 TV show, Firefly.

Please note that live game sessions are subject to rescheduling or cancellation due to the COVID-19 pandemic. To learn more about how Lost & Found Studios is handling the pandemic, click here.

Keep reading to learn about our one-shots!

Life on Regina

Life on Regina

Life on Regina Title Image.png

Life on Regina is a one-shot, freeform-style LARP inspired by the 2001 futuristic space-western TV series Firefly. The game takes place within the Firefly universe on Regina, a terraformed planet located in the Georgia system of the Union of Allied Planets, in/near a small mining town, approximately 5 years after the end of the Unification War. This game is a good LARP for players who want an experience that explores unbalanced social power structures, multi-faction cooperation/conflict, espionage, medical ethics, survival, limited resources, and interpersonal relationships, within a gaming environment that prioritizes cooperative storytelling, player-versus-player based gaming, roleplay, and high levels of creativity/player freedom.


Life on Regina will take place over the course of a 10 hour event with 8 hours of immersive gameplay. The gameplay will include resource gathering, interpersonal conflict, intra/inter faction conflicts, NERF-blaster combat, healing, social currency exchange, and both individual and faction-focused goals. Players will design their own characters by selecting a class, and will then be assigned to a faction by the GM team after completing an online survey. Players will then be able to flesh out their characters and form relationships with other characters within their faction via Discord prior to the event date. 


For more information, you can download our Life on Regina Design Document and our Full Rulebook below:

Dandelion Factory

The Dandelion Factory

by Anne Ratchat


The Dandelion Factory is the hub of all wish fulfillment. The stakes are quite high for the dandelion fairies who work there as hopes and dreams are their stock and trade, so they have incorporated in order to maximize fulfillment. Between the constant backlog and contradictory wishes, not all can be fulfilled but that is part of the job, maximization of happiness. The work is stressful but very fulfilling. There has been a publicly known global crisis so between the astronomical increase in global wishes, the hardest to fulfill, and other issues that arise from simply running a business, the department heads have been called together to address the problems and attempt to find solutions, or at least define the policy on how to address the issues moving forward.


The Dandelion Factory is an absurdist game, stemming from the serious nature of discussion on things we typically take flippantly. The more seriously players take their job, the better the play. Costume is recommended, in cream and beige business attire. The Dandelion Factory can be run digitally. 


The details for how wishes are fulfilled is left to the collective imagination of the participants. These things are known. Wish fulfillment should not leave a major imprint on the world. Delicacy is key. Global wishes, because they affect so many people, are the hardest to fulfill for this reason. Overall, fewer global wishes get fulfilled than any other category. There are no official quotas but the stakes are people’s hopes and dreams so there is a pressure to fulfill as many wishes as possible.

Lost and Found Studios is currently hosting online sessions of The Dandelion Factory, which last approximately two (2) hours. To reserve a spot, click here or navigate to the Events Tab.

Image by Ivan Dostál
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